Erik T. Bendiks, M.D. Surgery & Treatment of Spinal Conditions
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Erik T. Bendiks, M.D. Surgery & Treatment of Spinal Conditions
Erik T. Bendiks, M.D. Surgery & Treatment of Spinal Conditions

My back surgery experience with Dr. Bendiks was a good one. Before the surgery I had pain walking. Now I am walking with no problems. The surgery was a major one, and the recovery long, but I followed directions carefully and suffered very little pain through the healing process. I thank Dr. Bendiks and his team, especially Gary (PA), for their professionalism and care. I believe Dr. Bendiks to be a gifted surgeon.

D. Mills

After conservative treatments for serious back injuries that interfered with my daily life I reluctantly decided it was time to talk to a surgeon.

Dr. Bendiks performed an ALIF at L4/L5 (low back fusion surgery). After 2 weeks I felt great and after 3 weeks I felt like a new person. Daily activities that previously had produced excruciating pain were no longer painful. While I realize this is a very quick back recovery time, I believe a large part was due to the fact that Dr. Bendiks is an excellent surgeon and took exceptional care of me because he knew exactly what to do in order to fix my back problems. The decision to have surgery can be scary, but I highly recommend Dr. Bendiks to anyone considering back surgery.

A. Craft

I was in a lot of pain with my daily life. After my surgery I am pain free and active again. Dr. Bendiks knows his stuff. The entire staff made the experience pain free.

T. Dove (44)

Eric & Entire Surgical Team

  • Excellent surgical preparation
  • Excellent patient service
  • Demonstrates professionalism
  • Provides information and education to patient and family
  • Anticipates and responds promptly to needs and requests
  • Demonstrates respect and courtesy to patient and others
  • Practices problem solving
  • Demonstrates emotional support to patient and others
  • Creates and maintains a calm environment for patient and family
  • Treats all patients with genuine concern for their health
  • Treats all patients as "family"


Thank you Or. Bendiks, again, again and again for taking care of me.

L R Williams

Dr. Bendiks did a great job on me and others should use him also. My wife and I were wondering why on earth anyone would go through the nightmare of having their back laid open like a ditch in your back yard when they can have what I had and be in and out the same day and with nothing but positive results. Not to mention the fact that his staff is friendly and efficient – always there when I needed them.

R. Shelton

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You, for the excellent service, and  care that has been rendered to me. As your patient,  you have made me feel very comfortable under your care from day one. My family and I are truly grateful, as I placed my  life in your hands during the surgery. I am progressing well towards  recovery.  I pray to God that He will continue to bless you and your family, as you have been a great blessing to me and my family . Once again, my family and I "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts.

E. Nichols

I appreciate the kindness you have shown during my treatment in your office. It was fortunate for me to be in your care.  I have benefited from your talent and skill as a surgeon.  Thank you. 

B. Adams.

Dr. Bendiks is hands down the best ortho surgeon I know. He did my back surgery in 2005, and did a complete fusion on me, and he 100% gave me my life back. He never let me hurt, he was always right on top of my treatment, honest, trustworthy and just a wonderful person all around. If I ever need surgery again, Dr. B will be the only surgeon to touch me. I trust this man with my life.

Susan S.

"you're my miracle doctor"

Peggy B. (71 year old)

Huie B. (85 year old) " I feel great"

"you took the pain away"

Barbara C.

"I went to sleep, woke up, and didn't have any pain." It's unbelievable. I feel great" and his wife says "that's the most amazing surgery I've ever seen."

Bernard M (83 year old)

"my miracle worker"

Max B. (76 year old)

It was about two hours from the time he went into surgery until he walked out of the hospital 100% better." (direct quote taken from letter)

Wilkins C.

I highly recommend this surgery and Dr. Bendiks. After 53 years of lower acute back pain, I woke up from the surgery with no pain. I haven't had any pain since. Like a miracle. He is the first doctor that said he could help me and he did. I had been to numerous doctors and they all said they could not help me, that I would have to live with the pain. But Dr. Bendiks put me back on my feet and saved me from pain." "I recommend Dr. Bendiks to anyone with back pain.

Annette H. (72 year old)

Doing great. No more back since the surgery. I recommend Dr. Bendiks to anyone with back pain that I talk to. I tell anyone how great he did with me.

Paul R. (64 year old)

It's fabulous. I am absolutely better than before.

Jacklyn O. (73 year old)

Surgery went well. Dr. Bendiks was very forthcoming with what to expect. He was very good, and my wife and I can't say enough about him. He is very genuine to his patients.

David S. (42 year old)

I had been in pain for over a year and given up hope. Dr. Bendiks did my surgery and I came out of surgery immediately without pain. My quality of life had gone from 100% down to zero before this surgery and now it has been a 180 degree turn around. I do not at all regret having this surgery done. Dr. Bendiks is great and I am very appreciative for what he has done for me.

Michelle M. (44 year old)

My surgery went great. My recovery was quicker than expected and I am already back to work.

Denna W. (43 year old)

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